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Why spend hundreds of thousands a year to employ additional payroll & HR manpower when you can easily prepare payroll and manage employee records at a low one time cost?

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DG Pay is a comprehensive payroll and human resources software application the has been tailored to meet the requirements of the Guyana market. This software is very flexible and can be configured to meet the needs of small, medium and large organizations. The payroll aspect of this software automatically calculates all earnings and deductions, such as: overtime, PAYE and NIS; while the software also prepares GRA and NIS forms (IRD #5, IRD #2A, NIS: CS2), and schedules to facilitate payment by direct deposit into an employee's bank account. The payroll aspect of software supports adding user-defined Earnings and Deductions, and supports running payroll for different groups and different pay periods making it very flexible and powerful.

The Human Resources aspect of the software has been designed to make managment of employee records easy and convenient. Human Resources departments can expect to easily store, search and retrieve employee records that contain: detailed background information, pictures, file attachments, contact information, family information, leave records, service records and eduction and training records.

Businesses Already Using this software include:
E-Networks Inc

Continental Group of Companies (5 companies)

Royal Castle Guyana Inc

News Room Guyana

National Hardware (Guyana) Ltd.

ETK Inc (Sandspring Resources)

President’s College

Guyana Energy Agency

Guyana Marking Services

Global Access Internet Service (Berbice)

J's Supermarket (Berbice)

James Service Centre

G&J Phone Cards

The Vintage Wine Bar

MarketOne (Guyana) Inc

Colours Boutique

Caribbean International Distributors Inc

International Pharmaceutical Agency

IPA Healthcare

Multi Builders Inc

Essential Supplies Inc. (Clear Waters)

Community Infrastructure Improvement Programme (CIIP)
Payroll Highlights
  • Payment by Direct Deposit facilitated by generation of Bank Payment Schedules (eliminating or reducing cash payments if desired)
  • Automatic generation of GRA Annual Return of Employer's form. Automatically fills the following statutory forms based on your payroll data: IRD #5, IRD #2A, NIS: CS2
  • Electronic version of NIS return in NIS specified format.
  • Allows you to create an unlimited number of fully customizable Income, Tax, and Deduction categories
  • Generates a total of 17 Payroll reports (including: payslips, paysheets, earnings breakdown, deductions breakdown and accounting breakdowns by line item) to support all aspects of effecting payments and accounting for payments.
  • Support payment of different groups within an organization and supports making payments for different pay periods.
  •  Local support and customization readily available
Human Resources Highlights
  • Easily store, organize, search and retrieve employee records
  • Contains fields to store detailed background information, pictures, file attachments, contact information, family information, leave records, service records and eduction and training records
  • Can store multiple electronic file attachements with each employee record
  • Generates detailed employee personal profiles
  • Generates detailed employee professional profiles that includes data such as: age to date, years of service to date, past positions held and education and training received to date.
  • Calculates prorated vacation leave due to date
  • Generates employee leave summary reports


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