Welcome to my website. Here you will find information about the software I develop and consulting services which I provide. I started offering professional software development services after working in the information systems field for approximately eleven years, and I specialise in developing database driven software applications for the business desktop PC or the web. Some of my clients include Royal Castle Guyana, CGX Resources Inc, Cheddi Jagan International Airport, National Hardware (Guyana) Ltd., The Guyana Energy Agency, Guyana Marking Services, ETK Inc, Caribbean International Distributors Inc, International Pharmaceutical Agency, Multi Builders Inc, Essential Supplies Inc. (Clear Waters), Guyenterprise Advertising Agency and the Ministry of Amerindian Affairs. You can find more about me here.
I provide a range of software development related services, including:
  • Development of Desktop Business Applications
  • Systems Analysis
  • Database Development
  • Web Application Development (especially database driven web applications)
  • Website Development (for desktop and mobile devices - visit www.oi.gy using your mobile device)
  • Intranet Development and Deployment
Featured Products

DG Biz Restaurant is Point of Sale software application that was designed to meet the needs of restaurants and food vendors. It is very easy to use and facilitates fast processing of orders and customer tax invoices. Read more about DG Biz Restaurant

DG Pay is a comprehensive payroll and human resources software application the has been tailored to meet the requirements of the Guyana market. Read more about DG Pay
In addition to the above mentioned services I offer general consulting services geared at helping customers to establish reliable and affordable information systems.
DG Biz Point of Sale
DG Biz is a comprehensive multi-site Point of Sale and Inventory management software package that is very easy to use and facilitates fast processing of customer tax invoices. Read more about DG Biz here